They said I didn't give a 30 or 60 day notice! 
Apartments in Austin are very strict about this. You must give proper notice and they must know you have given proper 30 or 60 day WRITTEN notice. Write it, date it, leave a forwarding address and make an extra copy for your records. DONT JUST DROP IT IN THE NIGHTBOX - HAND IT TO THE ONSITE AGENT.

In spite of the fact you have fulfilled the time on your lease you could still end up with a broken lease because you didn't give proper notice. Even worse - you could be denied at the next apartment in Austin you're looking at. Most properties want you to give notice no later then the 3rd of the month. A 60 day notice has become the norm rather than a 30 day. Be sure you know exactly what the time frame is - read your lease!

2019 UPDATE 
Many people owe and apartment or a landlord for rent or repairs. Austin apartments all stick together on this. 
There are two types of properties that will work with you - 
  • One requires you to have had verifiable rental history since you broke your lease. The other requires and extra deposit of up to a months rent.
  • The other will require an extra deposit up to a month's rent

 Most recently they typically will not let you owe more than $1500 to the apartment where you broke the lease. Many people don't have a broken lease but owe some sort of cleaning or repair fee. You will have to take care of this before they will lease to you. Owing a property money is the number one reason for denials.

I have a bankruptcy! 
Every apartment will check your credit report. There is no such thing as a "no credit check apartment". With a bankruptcy on your creditd almost all Austin apartments require that it be discharged. Many Austin apartments will work with you if its two years old and you have reestablished credit. Most apartments in Austin will deny you for a bankruptcy, particularly newer properties that score so heavily on credit. 

Call us for help 

I have a foreclosure! 
Most properties look at this in the same way they would a broken lease. They are sometimes a little more forgiving if you have re-established credit . Newer Austin apartments can be tough on this. Call us. We keep a list of Austin apartments that will work with you. 

They told me I have too many inquiries on my credit report! 
Believe it or not you can be denied housing because of inquiries on your credit report.... Normally it's the newer properties that score so heavily on credit.  Should this happen to you. Call us 512-258-5200 and we will  assure you we have plenty of Austin apartments that work with multiple credit report inquiries. 

2019 Update Locator Comments: 
Newer properties are tougher on credit .Credit standing is huge. Most apartments in Austin want a minimum of 75% good to bad credit ratio.Older properties can be as low as 30%-50%. Basically, if your credit is damaged but your background, income and rental are good, we have many properties for you to consider

​I broke a lease but for a very good reason! 
For all practical purposes the TAA (Texas Apartment Association) property lease is ironclad. If you absolutely have to break a lease, talk to the apartment manager or landlord first, explain your situation and try and make payment arrangements. Most of them understand and will work with you to some degree. Some of them will even bend over backwards. But there are procedures they must follow which is why most of them cannot take partial payments .Most people break a lease because they lose their job, get a divorce or family member gets sick. Sometimes its an domestic abusive situation. Sad as it may be...unfortunately none of these things will matter if you do not fulfill the terms of your lease agreement

Broken leases, evictions and bad credit accepted in Cedar Park & Round Rock Texas 

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