Q. How are you different than the other online web sites?

A. Others may offer an automated do-it-yourself  "searchable" database with a VERY limited number of choices. With service from HomePlace Apartment Search, you can have a full selection of apartments  updated availability, specials, professional advise, and personalized service from a licensed Texas real estate agent.

Our agents know the current specials of each of the Austin TX apartment communities, their pet policies, varying qualifying criteria, amenities,  move-in specials and the "ins and outs" of apartment hunting in order to find you the best apartment at the best possible price.

We can cut your Austin apartment search time from 2 or 3 days to 2 or 3 hours. National statistics show that apartment locators  save the average customer approximately 18 hours of apartment hunting.

Q. Why do I need help in finding an apartment?

A. Apartment searching can be time consuming and frustrating. With hundreds of choices, it can be mind boggling. We have a computerized database of virtually all the apartments in the metro area (like an MLS). We can cut  your apartment search down to 2 hours from 2 weekends.      

Most Austin apt locators work with the same properties, so there is no need  to contact several thinking we all have different properties listed. We suggest you pick one that you feel comfortable with (hopefully us) and discuss your needs with your agent to pinpoint the ideal apartment. (Most online, automated websites have a VERY limited number of apartments to select from -  ones that will work with a non-local agent, and pay them without them escorting the tenant.) We specialize in luxury apts, condos, townhouses and  in Austin, Round Rock and Cedar Park TX

Q. Do you charge for your services?

A. No. We provide a  free service to you much like that of a Realtor. We are like their marketing arm, in that the apartments pay us out of their marketing budget . In fact, We will save you money because we keep up on all the apartment specials and the best matches for you based on your specilfications

Q. How else can you help me in my apartment search?.

A.  We advise you on all aspects of your apartment search., including finding those "hard to find" units with:

  •            Special amenities - Gas cooking, condo specifications,  garage
  •             Movein Specials -- $0 move-in ,1 to 3 months Free
  •             Unique Unit styles - lofts, townhouses, yards, duplexes        
  •             Short  Term leases (including ones with the lowest upcharge)
  •              Low $ move-ins and ASAP move ins


A. What lease terms do the apartments offer?

A. 12 or 13 month leases are the standard but you can get a 6 or 7 month lease. Usually there are cheaper prices for a longer leases and/or a month free on a 12 or 13 month lease but not on a shorter term.

Q. How long will it take to find me an apartment?

A. Only about 2 to 3 hours.  
After researching and getting your options to a manageable few, we can look at photos & floor plans if necessary,  check availability for your time frame to cut the list to the top 2 - 4 communities to view.  We will then escort you to or meet you to view the apartments & answer any questions. 

Q. Will apartments In Austin take credit cards?

A. Some apartments in the Austin Metro area are starting to take credit and debit cards. We know of a couple of management companies who manage apartments that will honor  them. All of the properties will take a personal check, even if it is from out-of-state, but not cash. If you don't have a checking account, they will accept a money order.

What does it take for my application to get "approved" and how long will it take?

Apartment complexes charge $20-40/person to process an application. They don't make any money on this, it is usually forwarded to the screening company. They will verify your employment, rental history, salary, and check your credit. Most require that your monthly salary be at least 3 (three) times the monthly rental amount. 

Most applications can be processed and approved  in 10-15 minutes online if you have your last few pay stubs with you. The biggest holdup can be verifying your rental history if they don't do an online credit approval. Be sure that when you apply you have all the information (phone numbers, addresses, etc) on former landlords and numbers that they can use to verify your employment and salary. Pay stubs or "Company offer letters" are good ways to speed up your app

If you've broken a lease, you can rule out 99% of the places. Credit is one of the least restrictive of the criteria. Basically most properties are happy with you having 50-75% Good credit (5 to 7 or 8  out of 10 items on your credit report must be good). Bankruptcies over 2 (two) years old usually aren't a problem. Most want to see you  have been on your current job for six months or more. 

A lot of apartment communities will work with you if you have credit or employment issues with a co-signer or  extra deposit. Ask your locator which ones will work with you. You're not the only one whose been through a job loss, divorce, breakup, bad roommate situation, etc.

If you have any questions about acceptability guidelines for certain properties, ask your apartment locator. 

What is the average rent in Round Rock, Austin and Cedar Park TX?

Austin apartment rental rates vary depending on location, 

  • Efficiencies start around $520 to 590. 
  • One bedrooms are in the $590-$1500 range with most in the $590-$750 range. 
  • One/den or 2/1 floor plans are $695-$1700 most average $700-$900. 
  • Two bedroom two baths have a range of $775-$2000 with the majority leasing for $800-$950. 
  • Three bedrooms are $890 -$3800 - most will lease for $950-$1300/month. 

What is the average size of apartments in Round Rock, Cedar Park & Austin?

Apartment sizes vary. Most of the older properties have larger rooms but smaller kitchens, bathrooms and closets, whereas the newer properties tend to have smaller rooms but more windows and larger closets, kitchens and bathrooms. 

  • One Bedroom - 600-650 sq ft is a "basic" (Kitchen, living area, bedroom and bathroom). in an Class "B" property (built in the early - mid 1980s) Most one bedrooms tend to be around 600-800 sq ft 

  • In the newer Class "A" communities, the smallest 1/1 is usually around 630-690sf and the next larger plan is about 750-780sf.

  • One/den or 2/1 floor plans are usually in the 800-1000 sq ft range 

  • 2 bedroom 2 baths are usually 900-1200 sq ft with 900sf being the typical Class B size. Class A communities typically have about 1000-1075sf in their smallest 2/2 and 1175+ in their larger ones.

  • 3 bedrooms are usually 1200-1600 sq ft 

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CEDAR PARK, TEXAS is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation with a rapidly growing population around 52,058. 

From a population of 5,161 in 1990, Cedar Park has exploded on the popularity scale, developing into an urban center of over 50,000 residents in a little more than 20 years. 
Cedar Park’s popularity as a place to live, work and raise families comes as no surprise to the citizens who helped the town grow. Located only 17 miles from the heart of downtown Austin (click here for a map at google.maps), the State Capitol and home of The University of Texas, Cedar Park offers all the amenities of a major metropolitan area but far enough away to offer the relaxed life style that is in keeping with a family oriented community. 

While Austin is known as the “Live Music Capital of the World” there is an abundance of cultural and recreational opportunities for families to enjoy. The Highland Lakes area, a system of five lakes created along the beautiful Colorado River, stretches from downtown Austin (Town Lake and Auditorium Shores) to Lake Buchanan some 60 miles away in Burnet. The largest of the lakes, Lake Travis, is the most popular recreational site among the lakes and can be easily accessed at numerous sites ranging from five miles to ten miles from Cedar Park. 

One of the advantages of living in Cedar Park and central Texas is that there is just so much to do and so much to enjoy. 

FAQs of Round Rock, Cedar Park and Austin Texas apartment locator finder - Search for your ideal apt 

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FAQs of Round Rock, Cedar Park and Austin Texas apartment locator and finder - Search for your ideal apt
FAQs of Round Rock, Cedar Park and Austin Texas apartment locator and finder - Search for your ideal apt